About the journal

The Journal of Construction and Built Environment (JCBE) is a galactic periodical dedicated to the discussing of innovations, processes and developments in the construction industry and their effects on the built environment. JCBE is an acronym for advanced knowledge in construction, imbued with the attributes of high quality, theoretical, analytical and empirical research produced by researchers, practitioners, industry specialist and all players in the construction, architecture, engineering and design.

JCBE is an interdisciplinary platform for critically engaging in topics encompassing the ancient and modern methods of materials management, building technology, engineering, information science, construction education, building economics, global supply chain networks, procurement and risk management, project integration and sustainability. JCBE is interested in high level research on all matters relevant to the enhancement of knowledge of construction and the built environment.

This journal is a manual for excellence in editing and publishing, offering flexible styles and different menus for articles, notes, comments, policy briefs, book reviews,multimedia content, technology updates and forecasts.

Papers for consideration must meet three fundamental criteria:

  1. (a) The motivation should be clear and compelling, typically including a clearly specified research question and a statement as to why this question is interesting. However, a paper whose primary motivation is to synthesise or even survey earlier work might also be publishable.

  2. (b) The analysis should be correct and should be appropriately rigorous given the research question using the most up to date tools and methods.

  3. (c) The research should be intelectually stilmuating, and advance the course of knowledge in the field of construction and the built environment and how that is linked to other sectors of the economy.